The Eden Prairie Track and Field Association (EPTFA) is a not for profit charitable organization dedicated to the promotion, teaching and fostering of amateur track and field skills and competition. The primary audience shall be Eden Prairie youth but th

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Attention Track Coaches!

  • The EPTFA officials will form the track and field teams
  • Each team will consist of kids from the same current grade in school
  • Parents/Coaches must put in a special request for kids to be on specific teams (i.e., same team as friends, or coaches)
  • Each team will consist of up to 12 members
  • Each team will be led by a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach
  • These coaches are volunteers from the community, including parents, grandparents, and other track & field enthusiasts
  • The EPTFA has designated a board member as the Coaches' Coordinator who will assign coaches to teams, as well as give direction and training to the coaches